Ink-Foods_AboutHey!  I want to introduce myself and let you know how INK Foods came to life.  My name is Kristen Massad, I am a mom of two beautiful girls, a wife to the most supportive husband and a pastry chef for all to enjoy!  I am a graduate of The French Culinary Institute in NYC and owned and operated a bakery in Dallas, Texas for over 8 years. After growing a successful retail and wholesale bakery, I had a great opportunity to sell it and enjoy this special time with my family. One thing I love about our family is that we all love sweets, so I can continue to bake and create new desserts all the time.  Something that got me  started 8 years ago was a very special recipe book that I want to share with all of you, my Nanny’s recipes.

Throughout Ink Foods you will find original recipes created by me as well as some of my favorite recipes from my Nannies recipe book, other books, magazines and the web that have been edited to meet my sweet tooth.  I will also take you with me as I find new products and taste my way through life.  Please know that I will only share things that I absolutely love and would want you to try as well.

Food Photography + Food Styling: 

Pastry Consulting Services:I offer an alternative to a full-time, on staff pastry chef by creating a dessert menu specific to your business, providing detailed recipes and onsite instruction if necessary. My services allow chefs to maintain excellence and originality; great for restaurants, boutique bakeries & caterers.

Consulting Services Offered:
Dessert Menu Consulting (Restaurants, Bakeries, Specialty Shops):
Customized dessert menu development
Comprehensive recipes
On-site pastry education for existing staff

Pastry Class/Demonstration Parties:
Learn how to perfect your favorite desserts with professional tips
Make it a real party & add wine pairings with each tasting
Take home recipe books


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