Thanksgiving Table Design….

Be Thankful

burlap wreath, rose gold utensils, woven pumpkins, wood coasters, thankful placemat, chocolate turkey

15 days away….are you ready to decorate your Thanksgiving table?  In our family we rotate homes for the holidays and this year, I get to host everyone for Thanksgiving and I am so excited about it.  Not only is Thanksgiving my favorite holiday, I love all the decorations that go along with it.  The menu is really important to me, but as important is how my table is going to look because we tend to spend the entire day around the table.  The “I’m Thankful For…” placemat is one of my favorites and it is a DIY project, so you can design it to coordinate with your table design.  For the last 7-8 years we have had a tradition of “I’m Thankful For…” round table with the family, we all have so much to be thankful for and this is our way to let the family share our blessings with each other.   This placemat will be such a great addition to our table so that we can write our thoughts down before sharing them with everyone.   Here are some of my other favorites for this year….what will your Thanksgiving table look like?

Have fun with your Thanksgiving table…this is where your family traditions and memories happen.  Here are some beautiful tablescapes of all different styles.   

thanksgiving table 1 Classic Country

 thanksgiving table2Kids Table 

aqua thanksgivingAqua Table 

natural tableNatural Table

elegant tableElegant Table


Life of Pie…Baking Essentials

Life of Pie

What would life be without pie? …I can’t even think about it.  Now that we are deep into fall and pumpkin, apples and all the spices are in the air, it is time to start thinking about holiday baking and all the essentials you will need!  These items are my favorite pie baking tools that allow me to make the perfect pie + a special taste tester (my husbands favorite part).  Start your shopping now and keep your holidays calm and your kitchen smelling like fall.  These are also great gift items for your favorite baker in the family!

pie plate west elm, sifter sur la table, pastry brush sur la table, pastry blender target, pastry cutter William Sonoma,

melamine bowls William Sonoma, marble slab crate&barrel, tart pans William Sonoma, rolling pin anthropologie


Just Say Cheese…

If  I could plan any party or sit at a restaurant and just eat cheese and drink wine, I would!  The simplicity of cheese is truly an amazing thing and for me it could be an entire meal or the base of a fantastic party.  Why not get a group of people together and let everyone bring their favorite cheese and bottle of wine and I bet you will see everyones personality through the cheese they bring.  All you will need are some great platters, cool spreaders, cheese label, these really creative cheese coasters and your favorite local cheese shop.  Pour yourself a big glass of wine and get started!    
cheese party

cheese photo cheese markers, wood spreaders, rate your cheese coasters, serving pieces, cheese obsession, cheese paper & stickers, cheese knife set

Some of my favorite cheese shops in dallas…

Scardello Cheese

Molto Formaggio

Mozzarella Company

Fun Finds: West Elm



I am absolutely loving everything at West Elms these days!  The problem is, I really do not need anything else for my house, but who doesn’t need fun kitchen accessories.  I know this is kind of a random selection, but as I was walking through the kitchen/market section I just grabbed a couple of things I had to have.  Oven mitts is a must, especially when you burn your hands every time you take a pan out of the oven because your mitts are old and I love the neutral stripe that matches my kitchen so perfectly.  These two enamel mugs are great for coffee or a fun dessert and who doesn’t love butterscotch.  I couldn’t resist buying this, although I wasn’t sure what  I was going to use it for, but the name “SPOONABLE, Brooklyn Butterscotch” caught my attention. After bringing it home, trying it and falling in love with the flavor of it,  I have decided to make a incredible dessert with this rich butterscotch sauce that will be featured on the blog tomorrow.  So for now, go find some fun things to fill your kitchen…it will make your day!

check out in the Market section for these fun finds



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