Herb Infused Simple Syrup

simple syrupSimple syrup seems so basic to me, but might sound fancy to others.  I am here to tell you that it is super easy and should always have a presence in your fridge.  All you need is two ingredients that everyone has at home; sugar and water.  As for flavoring your simple syrup, also use whatever you have at home.  Right now I am very into herbs, probably because we planted a great herb garden and they are exploding, so I use them every chance that I can.  I also just love the thought and flavor of fresh herbs; mint, thyme, basil, rosemary are just a few that would be perfect for your infused simple syrup.  

Ok, so the next question is what can you use these fun and fresh simple syrups for?  Anything you want!  The most common use is in cocktails, which I love and in the summer you can an herb infused syrup to any cocktail and your guest will be totally impressed, try it!  It can also be added to lemonade,  tea or coffee for an after dinner treat.   Try using these infused syrups drizzled over fresh fruit or brush onto layers of cake to keep them moist.

Basically anywhere you might add a little sugar for sweetening, you can add simple syrup.  It is much smoother and you won’t have the granules of raw sugar. 

Simple Syrup:
 1 cup sugar
1 cup water
optional: fresh herbs

boil sugar, water and any fresh herb of your choice
continue to boil until sugar is dissolved
allow syrup to cool before removing herbs from the syrup
store in airtight container and refrigerate

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