Homemade Buttermilk



Sounds weird right…why would you want to make homemade buttermilk?  Well, if you are like me and run in and out of the grocery store so quick because you are late to pick up the kids from school, than there is a good chance you might forget some of the items on your list.  I love baking with buttermilk, so I typically have some on hand at all times, but just last week I opened the refrigerator and realized I forgot to buy buttermilk and it was to late to go to the store… my only option was to make my own!  Guess what, this is so simple and you all can do it…you might never buy buttermilk again!

Homemade Buttermilk Substitute
1 cup milk
1 Tbsp lemon juice or white vinegar

place the lemon juice or vinegar in a measuring cup and then add enough milk to make 1 cup combined
allow this mixture to sit for 5 minutes
when the milk is slightly curdled, it is ready to use!

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