Made in NYC…

made in nyc

where to buy:
1. the salty road, taffy 2. whimsy and spice, cookies 3. no chewing allowed 4. fatty sundays 5. liddabit sweets 6. spoonable, salty caramel

Two weeks ago, my husband and I escaped for a quick trip to New York City!   With a few delays at the start of our trip (Dallas ice storms) we were ready and excited to explore the city and find the best restaurants and local food artisans.  Even after living in New York and going to culinary school in the city, there are always the newest and greatest things to discover and this is why we keep going back!  As we were planning the trip, our days revolved around where we were going to eat breakfast, lunch and dinner.  We ate at some of the greatest restaurants, but what I found even more satisfying were the markets that local artisans sell their wares.  There are so many talented bakers, chocolatiers, candy makers and chefs, but these are some of my favorites and they are all made in NYC.

on a side note…if you want a one stop shop, exploding with Italian specialties (most products made in Italy), you have to find yourself at Eataly.  We were totally overwhelmed but managed to eat everything that crossed our sight.  If you can’t make it to NYC soon, check out the website…you will be in Italian Heaven!



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